Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Saturday Market Bag

Introducing the Saturday Market Bag! The pattern is from Heather Bailey and I have fallen in love!I made the one above as a sample for a local fabric shop. It was the first one that I made and I knew that I would love it right away. This bag opens up nice and huge and is just the right size. The one below is the one that I made for myself. I altered the pockets (like always) so that I would have a place for everything. This bag holds everything just right and has a nice feel to it. It is completely interfaces with canvas so it has a tote feel to it. The only thing that I want to change next is the material for the lining. I like it to be neutral so that I can find things easier and then do the pockets in the same material as what is outside to make them really pop. Next time I guess. I have a listing in my store to custom design your own so if you are interested head on over.
Ahh, fabric I love you. your uniqueness, your colorfulness, you playfulness, your versatility. Lately I have been having quite the love affair with these little beauties. I had a customer want some for a bag that I had already made and sent to her. So I made up a whole bunch so that she would have some choices and what she didn't pick I put in my shop. She told me that they would sell like hotcakes and that they did. I could hardly keep them stocked. In fact I just listed a bunch more today. I have been having fun with them. Putting them on headbands, sweaters, bags, belts. Just about anything looks good with one or two of these bad boys attached. They come on a brooch pin and for a few bucks add a whole lot of personality!

I feel like I am finally caught up around here. The shop is stocked and all orders have been done and shipped. That hasn't happened in quite a while. I thought I was going to go mad when my older children got out of school for the summer but it has been wonderful. My oldest has been helping me out in the craft room and they have all gotten along pretty well (emphasis on the pretty) I go back to work at a real job (boo) at the end of next week so I am going to do all I can to get a bunch more things created and listed before my time becomes even more limited. Have a great day!

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